Our cage liners are made of heavy non-toxic 40 or 60-pound weight paper, no inks, no wax, no dyes.  Our bird cage liners absorb moisture quickly, so your pet bird does not have to be exposed to dampness and contamination.  Our cage liners are precisely cut to the dimensions of your cage tray for a perfect fit every time; and will hold in place when your birds fly throughout the cage. Most cage liners sold today are made with thin, flimsy waxed paper.  Waxed paper repels moisture which means your birds waste sits at the bottom of the cage for hours until the atmosphere evaporates the liquid waste right up to where your birds are.   Vet bills are way too expensive; one way to assure a healthy bird is a clean cage.  Change your bird cage liners daily to give your pets the best defense against health problems.  For pennies per day, you can provide your birds with the best liners in the industry.  

40 or 60-pound stock paper; 40 pound recommended for smaller birds, finches, canaries , etc., 60 pound recommended for medium size birds.  Wax and birds don't belong together! We do not use wax in our paper! Wax can be harmful to your birds if ingested.  No wax to repel moisture; wax paper does not absorb waste; the waste will sit until it evaporates right back up to your birds.
Bird droppings will not seep through the cage pan!
Nontoxic, no dyes or inks, quick drying. Clean your cage in seconds, no messy clean up or sifting through cat litter type products.
Absorbent, safe, efficient and sanitary. Your bird(s) are too important; keep them healthy.

Our Poly coated cage liners are guaranteed against moisture seep through!  These liners are a 35-weight paper with an additional 5-pound super thin layer of poly.  These papers are usually preferred by large bird owners that tend to sit in place for extended periods of time and require a liner with little or no absorbency; also, for small bird owners that want their liner change cycle a little longer. 

Compare our price with any competitor's liner price plus their shipping costs and you will see we are a better value for a superior custom product.


Our Bird cage Liners


Stack a few cage liners for easy clean up!

The brown color of the paper is attractive and makes inspecting bird droppings easy!